Visiting Rameshwaram? Make Sure You Try These Dishes

Rameshwaram is a beautiful city in Tamil Nadu known for its bridges, beaches and temples. 


This simple rice preparation has only cooked rice mixed with yoghurt. It is often eaten with papad and pickle. 

1. Curd Rice

This is very delicious dessert made using jaggery, moong dal, coconut milk, nuts and ghee.

2. Paruppu Payasam

Murukku is actually Chakli and is generally eaten as a snack. 

3. Murukku

If you like seafood, this place offers the best crabmeat and cuttlefish. 

4. Seafood

This staple rice dish is made using tamarind, coconut and rice. 

5. Puliyodarai

If you are in south India, trying filter coffee is a must. 

6. Filter Coffee

But it also offers a wide variety of delicious dishes which you must try for once. 

A heaven for foodies

Have you ever been to Rameshwaram?