Samantha Ruth Prabhu Spends Time With Pawdorable Animals In The Countryside

Samantha Loves Animals 

Samantha Ruth Prabhu is an animal lover and she has two doggos Saasha and Haash and a Persian cat called Gelato. 

She Heads To The Countryside 

The actress has travelled to the countryside in Europe. And the music on her Insta stories could indicate that she is in Scotland. 

Fluffy Ponies Grazing 

She watches fluffy ponies grazing in the lush green meadows. 

Adorable Calf Resting 

She also spots an adorable calf resting peacefully. 

Scenic Views To Behold 

The Family Man S2 actress soaks in gorgeous views of meadows, cottages and blue skies with clouds. 

Plays Fetch With A Dog 

She also played fetch with a friendly black dog. 

Found Heaven! 

Samantha said she found heaven while playing with a black cat who comes for cuddles. 

Aren't Samantha's countryside pics with furry friends, adorable?