Inside Hina Khan's Visit To Saudi To Perform Her 2nd Umrah; Relishes Ice Cream & Zaatar Pie During Her Trip

Hina Khan Visits Saudi For Umrah

Hina Khan visited Mecca for her second Umrah. She headed to Jabal Rahman, a holy site. 

She Shared A Glimpse Of Her Trip

She shared pics and videos from her trip. In one video, her driver in Saudi explains the significance of the holy sites. 

Devotees Visit Mecca& Madina

Hina Khan explored the spiritual sites in Saudi and even witnessed many devotees at the spots. 

Ice Cream For Quick Sugar Rush

For a quick sugar rush, Hina Khan relished vanilla ice cream with a dual-shaded cone. 

She Came Across Zaatar Pie 

Hina Khan also came across Zaatar Pie. Zaatar is an Arabic spice mixture. 

A Friend Gave Her This Pie 

Her friend surprised her with this Zaatar pie. Yet, she laughed at the word "Zatar" as it has a funny meaning in the Kashmiri language. 

A Spiritually Enriching Visit 

Hina Khan had a peaceful and spiritually enriching visit to Mecca this year. 

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