Debina Bonnerjee & Gurmeet Choudhary Celebrate Christmas With Their Kids At Mumbai’s Jio Wonderland

This Christmas, after having a hearty celebration at home Debina and Gurmeet took their kids to Mumbai's biggest Christmas celebration. 

JIO Wonderland!

The duo was accompanied not only by their kids but their entire family!

Family time

Debina clicked a picture of Gurmeet as he was hanging on a stall in the wonderland. 


Debina posted a picture of her and Gurmeet going around the wonderland where she was excited to try everything in the park. 

Debina's excitement

While exploring the winter wonderland, Debina stumbled into a haunted house. 

Haunted house

Debina and Gurmeet met Nita Ambani in the wonderland. 

Nita Ambani

Before leaving this fun place, Debina's daughters sat together for a picture but looked sad about leaving the place. 

A little sadness

But suddenly her younger daughter's mood changed and she was smiling at the camera. 

Mood change

Debina posted a picture of a ride and asked her fans to guess which little car her kids were in. Did you spot them?

Can you guess?