8 Unique Egg Dishes Relished From Across The Globe

This is a very famous and loved side dish in Korea made using just 4 ingredients. 

1. Korean Steamed Eggs

This dish is made by mashing boiled egg yolk and adding mayo and seasoning to it. 

2. Italian Devil Eggs

This spiced and aromatic curry is one of the most popular egg dishes in the country. 

3.Indian egg curry

This one-pan dish is super healthy and is a famous breakfast food in the middle east. 

4. Middle Eastern Shakshuka

This mouth-melting dish is one of the most loved desserts. 

5. French Souffle

This dish looks a lot like pancake and a basket made using eggs. 

6. Sri Lankan Egg Hopper

This is one of the most easy Spanish dishes which has potatoes, eggs and  extra virgin olive oil. 

7. Spanish Tortilla

This is a Japanese egg roll which is super fluffy amd bouncy. 

8. Japanese Tamagoyaki

Which of these have you tried?