8 Countries That Are Now Not Known By Their Earlier Names

In 1989, "Union of Burma" was renamed to "Union of Myanmar" by the government. 

1. Myanmar

The region of East Pakistan became an independent state in 1971 and was officially names "Bangladesh". 

2. Bangladesh

"Siam" was officially renamed as the lands of Thais, "Thailand" in 1948. 

3. Thailand

After "Ceylon" became an independent nation in 1972 and its name was changed to "Sri Lanka". 

4. Sri Lanka

"Czech Republic" was officially renamed as "Czechia" in 2016 by the United Nations. 

5. Czechia

After March 1935, "Persia" was renamed to "Iran" by their king to mark country's new beginnings. 

6. Iran

"Rhodesia" was renamed to "Zimbabwe" after they got independence. 

7. Zimbabwe

In 1937, "Irish Free State" was renamed to "Ireland". 

8. Ireland

Which other countries do you knoww of that have changed their names?