6 South Indian Veg Winter Delicacies To Warm Your Soul

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Winter Food From South India

To beat the chilly weather, here are 6 South Indian delicacies you can order or prepare at home. 

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1. Milagu Kuzhambu

Also called Pepper Curry, Tamil Nadu's Milagu Kuzhambu celebrates black pepper which helps to keep you warm during the winter and rainy season. 

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2. Avarekalu Saaru 

This rasam from Karnataka has avarekalu or Hyacinth beans which are commonly found durting the winter season. It's enjoyed with white or brown rice. 

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3. Beetroot Thoran 

A winter dish, Beetroot Thoran is a traditional dish from Kerala made with grated beetroot, spices, grated coconut and curry leaves. 

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4. Ulavu Charu 

In Andhra Pradesh, Ulavu Charu is a popular comforting winter dish. Made of horsegram or ulavu, it's a rasam relished with fluffy rice. 

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5. Ragi Manni

A rich jelly-like porridge made of ragi, this dessert from Karnataka is known to build immunity during the winter. 

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6. Kadamba Kootu

A delicious dish of 11 seasonal winter veggies and lentils, this dish from Tamil Nadu is paired with rice with a dollop of ghee. 

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Which of these South Indian winter comfort foods do you want to eat first? 

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